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About Us

Financial information is the backbone of your business (or individual) life.  Financial information is only useful if it is accurate, timely and presented in a manner that allows the user to act upon it.

BCA Solutions CPA’s, Inc. assumes a different role than the traditional accounting firm – traditional accounting firms prepare historical reports, weeks or months after the financial event occurs.  Ours is a proactive role, in which we not only provide reports, but also assist you in planning for a better future.

Through the use of the Internet and technological advances, we can provide you with up-to-date data, allowing you to make timely decisions for operations and planning.  And…our team of professionals will all work together to provide you with not just reports, but tax and other planning solutions.

Business Management/Bookkeeping Services:

  • Bookkeeping Services – from basic to Full Charge
  • Online Bill Pay – we can pay all of your business or individual bills monthly
  • Payroll Processing and Reporting Solutions
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Solutions
  • Compliance Services – Sales Tax, Business License, 1099 Filing
  • QuickBooks Training Courses

BCA Solutions CPA’s, Inc. is a next generation accounting firm – leveraging technology and strategic alliances to provide both individuals and small to mid-sized businesses with contemporaneous information, which was once only available to large businesses.  This is due to technologies developed for online banking, for Internet communication and access and through software innovations by QuickBooks and others.

What this means to you is that we can maintain your accounting records more accurately and more timely, with less time required from you.  You gain valuable information, a team of professionals, and planning opportunities and give up the headache of document gathering, data entry and reporting.

Call or email us today to find out how we can help you get more accurate
and timely information on which you can plan for a better future.